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For all these and many like them Dr. Neeraj Jain’s massage is “pain is real and treatable- there is no merit in suffering”. You must see a pain specialist if you still suffer from pain after a month of conservative treatment. Sooner your pain is managed better are the overall results. Including various kinds of pain like Back pain, headache and Cancer Pain.

In the absence of proper education among health care professionals and lack of awareness in the public mind in India, there is misuse of painkillers resulting in high incidence of complications like gastritis, kidney failure, bone marrow depression and bleeding from gut which can be catastrophic.

“Do not take your back for granted” says Dr. Jain who is heading pain clinic at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute in New Delhi. One can avoid back pain with spine care and avoiding risk factors like osteoporosis, obesity, smoking, prolonged driving, sedentary lifestyle, too heavy or too little exercise, bad spine postures and wrong way of pushing or lifting heavy objects.


Pain Medicine, a super-specialty, deals with the management of these difficult chronic painful disease states including treatment of cancer pain. A majority of complex chronic painful states, unresponsive to conventional treatment are being successfully treated at Pain Clinics. The very concept of a Pain Clinic is based on the conviction that the effective management of difficult pain conditions is possible only through well-coordinated efforts of a specialist possessing knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat pain.

Pain Clinics are specialized areas that are now assuming the role of an essential service as they meet a need unmet by any previously existing medical facility. They help by simultaneously treating the physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, vocational and social aspects of chronic pain cost-effectively. Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute for sciatica doctor,Back pain specialist slip disc specialist, arthritis, headache, spine pain doctor, cancer pain, cervical pain, spondylitis, fracture spine, failed back surgery, trigeminal neuralgia, diabetic neuralgia ozone disc treatment doctor and specialist.

We make use of many advances in the understanding & usefulness of an intervention at right time in selective patients producing excellent results.

Our ultimate goal is to cure & care people suffering from pain (Spine pain, headache, cervical pain, fracture spine), make them productive human beings for the society and increase their self-esteem so that they can live life as normal individuals.

Interventional pain procedures scores over both medicine and surgery, as they do not have side effects like medicines. Surgeries for pain, have now limited indications, usually as a last resort.

The interventional pain procedures produce immediate pain relief, can be performed with ease by pain physicians without anesthesia as outpatient or daycare and adequate duration of pain relief obtained and suitable for surgically unfit & debilitated patients, procedure can be repeated safely if required.

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