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Pain is REAL & TREATABLE, there is no merit in suffering

Dr. Neeraj Jain


For all these and many like them Dr. Neeraj Jain’s message is “pain is real and treatable- there is no merit in suffering”. You must see a pain specialist if you still suffer from pain after a month of conservative treatment. Sooner your pain is managed better are the overall results. Including various kinds of pain like Back pain, headache and Cancer Pain.

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Neck Pain / Cervical Spondilytis

Neck pain can be vary from mild to severe. You may have a flare up of symptoms if you over-use your neck...

Lower Back Pain

Symptomatic relief of muscle and nerve pain can be obtained by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and/or muscle relaxants.

Slip Disc & Sciatica

Ozone Disc Treatment a revolutionary newer technology cures many of the patients of slip disc & sciatica...


Better blood sugar management, which might help slow the progression of diabetic neuropathy...

Cancer Pain

Abstract:Pain is one of the most common symptoms associated with cancer. Pain is defined as an independent...

Joint Pain

There were several newer non-surgical treatments for joint pain that were being explored and utilized in various...


What our patients say about us


Most doctors understand medicine. Most doctors understand surgical procedures. Most doctors understand drugs. Most doctors understand diagnosis. But few doctors like you understand the most important of them all – a patient’s SUFFERING. Happy birthday doc. “I was suffering from back pain radiating to leg for past seven years for which I took treatment from many specialist but in vain. Then I heard of Dr. Neeraj Jain & met him.


Thank you doctor for your guidance and expertise , I am really thankful to you for that u took my case with so much care and concern , the level of comfort you provide to a patient is unmatched


I had a severe cervical problem with arm pain and vertigo. I was getting treatment without any relief. I had to go to UK for business reason but my intractable pain was making it impossible.

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Dr. Neeraj Jain is a Senior Consultant Interventional Spine & Pain Specialist.

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