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Ozone Discectomy a revolutionary least invasive safe & effective alternative to spine surgery is the treatment of choice for prolapsed disc (PIVD) done under local anaesthesia in a day care setting. This procedure is ideally suited for cervical & lumbar disc herniation with radiculopathy. Total cost of the procedure is much less than that of surgical discectomy. All these facts have made this procedure very popular at European countries. It is also gaining popularity in our country due to high success rate, less invasiveness, fewer chances of recurrences, remarkably fewer side effects meaning high safety profile, short hospital stay, no post operative discomfort or morbidity and low cost.

In fact, over 220,000 patients have been treated successfully worldwide using injection of medical ozone with a success rate of 80-90% and with a near nil rate of procedure-related complications. “The procedure is a safe and effective alternative to open surgical procedure. Patients get the advantage of going home after a short recovery on the same day. They generally go to work within a week and are spared prolonged absence from work and disability,” The treatment relieves pain substantially and, after two sittings, people “can go back to work under medical guidance”.

More Hospital Stay.One day/Day Care.
Complications of prolonged surgery& anaesthesiaGA is not required
“failed back surgery syndrome”No “failed back surgery syndrome”
High CostTotal cost is 1/5th to 1/10th
Failure rate 10-51%Comparable 10-21%
Safety profile comparatively not so high.Very high safety profile
Repeat surgeries are more complicated.May be safely repeated many times
Cervical PIVD poses a surgical challengeIdeal procedure in cervical PIVD
Highly invasive very demanding surgeryLeast invasive much easier procedure
High postoperative morbidityNegligible morbidity
In-patient major surgeryMostly OPD procedure
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