Dear Doctor Neeraj,

I am writing this mail to express my heartfelt gratitude on being treated with success for my disc herniation problem. Last year at this very same time I was in a very bad condition, my back had left me with the inability to stand straight, let alone walk normally. Even sleeping was painful,and I was in chronic pain that affected each and every aspect of my life. This pain continued for 5 months and there came a time when I seriously started to doubt whether I would ever lead a normal life again, resume my job and get back to caring for my family. I was totally bedridden and depressed.  All doctors had prescribed surgery as the only solution, which didn’t seem to be a safe option, and what followed was a series of conservative treatments but to no avail. It was only through a stroke of very good luck did my husband come across your site, and set up an appointment with you. He was convinced with one meeting that this was the right direction to take. I wasn’t so sure initially (I was wary of all non-surgical treatments by then), however after our initial conversation, I began to have some hope/confidence.  The recovery after the procedure was fast, within 2 months I had joined office, started walking and was (still am) living a more fulfilling life than before (I even went abroad for a month on official work). Also, in all our follow up meetings you have been very friendly and encouraging. Never did I once feel that you have lost interest in the case or are irritated by my queries. I sincerely believe that God directed us at the right time to you, and I have been granted a second attempt to a wholesome life, only due to your treatment. You have made a huge difference in my life and I hope others will also benefit deeply from your expertise as I have.

Best Regards!

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