Many thanks for the awesome teaching and ‘walkthrough’ of your work in Pain.
It was very liberating and I feel very well equipped to handle a wide spectrum of cases after seeing your charisma and approach to patients in the OPD and OT. No one else teaches this- making it all the more invaluable.
My good wishes to you and heartfelt thanks -it was well worth every penny and every second that we spent.
Dr. Malvinder Singh, Max Superspeciality Hospital, Saket
Vidya Iyer I was fortunate enough to attend this course. It was really worth (even more than that), we had learnt lot of new innovative procedures, techniques etc. Dr. Neeraj is not only a talented interventionalist, but also a great teacher. He is kind enough to teach us more than 12 hrs a day including a Sunday. Those seven days were memorable period in all possible ways. I wish my fellow juniors not to miss this opportunity of attending his course. Thank you Sir, for giving us a wonderful time. I sincerely wish God to give you a loooonnnggg life, so that you can serve poor suffering people for a long time.

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