It has been active educative 8 days for me at Balaji Hospital. I have came to your course specifically to learn more about Interventional Pain Management. I have seen during my stay all types of Intervention from head to foot. Sir, you have showed us various aspect of Intervention all our doubts were explained promptly. We were amazed my your energy till the end of last procedure. You are having skillful hands added with your knowledge you are able to do procedures in precise manner.Sharing of your experience about difficult cases was useful.
Your classes on Pain, MRI, 3D images are excellent.We were amazed my your collection of Pain Books.That showed your passion on Pain Management and to explore untouched areas in Your staffs are polite & able to carryout your instructions not at your speed but doing it effectively.
I will recommend all pain physicians to attend your Pain Course to get knowledge in Interventions.
The eagerness you are showing in Intervention & happiness you get on relieving the pain we are able to feel it.
Thank you sir for Teaching & Sharing your knowledge with us.Now I have to move forward with this knowledge

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