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Dr Gaurav Kuthiala

It has been active educative 8 days for me at Balaji Hospital. I have came to your course specifically to learn more about Interventional Pain Management. I have seen during my stay all types of Intervention from head to foot. Sir, you have showed us various aspect of Intervention all our doubts were explained promptly. We were amazed my your energy till the end of last procedure. You are having skillful hands added with your knowledge you are able to do procedures in precise manner.Sharing of your experience about difficult cases was useful.
Your classes on Pain, MRI, 3D images are excellent.We were amazed my your collection of Pain Books.That showed your passion on Pain Management and to explore untouched areas in Your staffs are polite & able to carryout your instructions not at your speed but doing it effectively.
I will recommend all pain physicians to attend your Pain Course to get knowledge in Interventions.
The eagerness you are showing in Intervention & happiness you get on relieving the pain we are able to feel it.
Thank you sir for Teaching & Sharing your knowledge with us.Now I have to move forward with this knowledge

Dr. Malvinder Singh

Many thanks for the awesome teaching and ‘walkthrough’ of your work in Pain.
It was very liberating and I feel very well equipped to handle a wide spectrum of cases after seeing your charisma and approach to patients in the OPD and OT. No one else teaches this- making it all the more invaluable.
My good wishes to you and heartfelt thanks -it was well worth every penny and every second that we spent.
Dr. Malvinder Singh, Max Superspeciality Hospital, Saket
Vidya Iyer I was fortunate enough to attend this course. It was really worth (even more than that), we had learnt lot of new innovative procedures, techniques etc. Dr. Neeraj is not only a talented interventionalist, but also a great teacher. He is kind enough to teach us more than 12 hrs a day including a Sunday. Those seven days were memorable period in all possible ways. I wish my fellow juniors not to miss this opportunity of attending his course. Thank you Sir, for giving us a wonderful time. I sincerely wish God to give you a loooonnnggg life, so that you can serve poor suffering people for a long time.

Dr Shantanu Mallick

Recently I have attended the workshop organised by dr neeraj jain in action medical institute in paschim vihar, delhi.
I want to share my experience:
Dr Neeraj Jain is tremendously knowledgeable, caring to the patients, skilled in interventions and a great teacher. Even after clearing FIPP Exam, I have learned lot more things in different way which are so much innovative, only a research fellow can think of. He has no hesitation to distribute his knowledge and tricks which is really exceptional. I think his skill and knowledge beside vertebraplasty was never explored by anybody before this workshop. I feel every upcoming pain physician should attend his workshop.
Many many thanks
Dr Shantanu Mallick
MBBS (Kol), DA (Mum), FIPP (USA)
Pain Physician

Dr Madhujeet Gupta

Just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us for the entire week. It was truly a great learning experience for me. I had expected a lot from this workshop and I am feeling very satisfied at the end of it.In a nut shell I would say that every pain physician should attend the course and get a taste of what interventional pain management is all about. I have learnt a lot and hope others would benefit from the course too.
Dr Madhujeet Gupta
Dr Madhujeet Gupta
Consultant Pain Physician
Centre for Interventional Pain Management
PSRI Hospital
New Delhi-110017
Mob: 9811991449


Dear Sir,
I learnt a lot in the workshop that you organized recently. We were benefitted by a lot of practical details of interventional procedures of all kinds mentioned in the text book,and also new innovative techniques of yours owns. It was a complete training or refresher program touching all subjects, text book reference,intervention guidelines, radiology (MRI& FLURO ), patient approach , and also administration. The enthusiasm He shown towards the participants was amazing and un imaginable.
I feel that every pain consultant should undertake this course at least once.
Finally the staffs of this institute are excellent in all aspects.
I feel this is the one among the best training programme available in India.
Sent from my iPad , With Regards, Dr.G.K.Kumar.

Dr Osama Sheir

Hello dear Dr Neeraj
Thanks a lot for the nice experience we get all through the 8 days workshop held in Sri Balaji Hospital, you are a very clever knowledgeable doctor with high spirit of work. Thanks you gave me the opportunity to know you, and the opportunity to visit incredible India, I hope to be always in contact to share experiences and building up the speciality of the pain management. Thanks again for your warm hospitality and best wishes

Dr. Wahyuddin Suleman

Dear Sir,
During this workshop I was getting a lot of additional knowledge and skill from Dr. Neeraj Jain who have the knowledge and expertise exceptional in pain management. Atmosphere during the workshop was very pleasant both in the development of interaction with you sir and interaction with fellow participants. Learning program in this live workshop is very complete and includes the advanced pain management like endoscopic procedure. Eight days here seemed so fast to me. I am very satisfied with what I get in this workshop to my practice in Indonesia. Thank you very much Dr. Neeraj Jain. You are an amazing and inspirational doctor. I hope I can continue to consult with you in terms of pain management.
Best and warm regards

Dr Rampal Singh

Thanks a lot , for you Dr. Jain
the intilligent and modest teacher, An advance draft pain medicine
Thanks for all your supporting team specially the camera man and the radiologist
god bless you all, Best company with more friend … Bhai ELAN and enthusiasm